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Indie Spotlight: ‘Brooklyn Sound’ Plays A Humorous Tune

“Brooklyn Sound’s characters are well-rendered, but what really makes the series click is its impeccable comedic timing. The mockumentary style is a tough one to get right, but by adding in some well-measured awkward pauses and delivering punchlines with just the right amount hesitation, Brooklyn Sound hits its notes. From there, its other positives, such as its sharp look at its hilariously offbeat musical numbers, provide the finishing touches. Put all that together, and you get a winner–the six episodes currently available on Vimeo are worth watching.” – Sam Gutelle, Tubefilter

Brooklyn Sound Web Series Hits All the Right Notes

“Brooklyn Sound is a lot of fun so check it out. It’s actually a mockumentary, so Julia Mattison and Noel Carey themselves play most of the ‘musicians/acts’ that appear on the show. I still can’t figure out how they do everything in such a timely manner. I’m exhausting myself thinking about it, so I decided to stop thinking and just enjoy the show.” – Ilana Rapp, HuffPost Entertainment

The Creators of ‘Brooklyn Sound’ on Their New Deal with Comedy Central

“Get ready for your new obsession: Brooklyn Sound– Hilton Dresden, BlackBook


“Brooklyn Sound”: Julia Mattison and Noel Carey Talk Hilarious New Web Series

“In a world filled with creative pablum, Mattison and Carey have succeeded in making a series that brings together elements of all of their creative passions in one infectiously coolant hilariously powerful series.”

Docuseries Review: Brooklyn Sound

“I encourage anyone who enjoys sketch comedy or who loves the work of Christopher Guest to click over to the Brooklyn Sound website and at least watch the first episode ‘Josiah and the Teeth,’ I’m positive you will find yourself hooked. The combined genius of Mattison and Carey shines as they tackle the various music genres and stereotypes.” – Debbi Bachman, Talk Nerdy With Us

NY Entertainers of the Week – Julia Mattison and Noel Carey


“If you haven’t yet watched Brooklyn Sound – the hilariously entertaining web series created by Julia Mattison and Noel Carey – you can fill that terrible void in your life by watching the first episode embedded below. Every episode is–at least–as entertaining as this one.” – Sonaluna, One Small Window


“Throughout the evening the most appealing moments are the quieter ones… Julia Mattison (the understudy for Morgan James) brings a sly seductiveness to her solo, the vampy, burlesque-flavored “Turn Back, O Man.” – Christopher Isherwood, NY Times


“Understudy Julia Mattison (subbing for an ailing Morgan James) spicily puts across the vampish “Turn Back, O Man.” – David Sheward, Backstage


“Understudy Julia Mattison… livens up the first act with a throwaway line about just dying to dance before she sets things right for the duration of her act two solo, “Turn Back, O Man.” Slinking around the stage with a comically misplaced sexuality, Mattison jokes and adlibs between verses, referencing her own surprise presence (“I slipped into your Playbill tonight!”) and working the audience like a seasoned pro. Watching her is like watching Shirley MacLaine fill in for Carol Haney—you don’t want it to end, and not just because the rest of this show is bound to fall short of her five minutes alone.” – Mark Peikert, NY Press


“I wouldn’t have wanted to be in her understudy’s shoes, but Julia Mattison covered deftly for Ms. James, making a pleasing impression in her own right.” – Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal


“Other outstanding moments include Lindsay Mendez’ “Bless the Lord” and a playful bawdy “Turn Back, O Man” by understudy Julia Mattison.” – Sandi Durell, NY Theater Examiner